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Here is a rough outline, merging as many ideas together as possible. At the second collective we had: Big Fire, Michael, Emily, Kirk, Patrick, Venus (and JoJo) and Spencer.

Shifts & Fluctuations

This is a piece about movement: the ins and outs of a city.  There will always be movement on stage –people moving in and out, staying , arriving, departing… cinematic.

That is the story here …or a story…a city of movement …hence the water metaphor. Read on, comment and critique. We will have a working draft for Tuesday. PLEASE READ the section on notes -below.

Boat/Boy Part I.  –boat follows

Part II. Everyone begins to arrives on stage from different directions –center up

(enact migrations …) VIDEO – perspective-

‘streaming by. All enter.. move differently /different directions yet it’s orchestral and choral- a cacophony of movement and sound.

Mayor –diversity story…piece (group shifts)

Fluctuations & Shifts

white people stay/ — Mrs. Chun piece

Hailey Skating Story— NEEDS to be crafted

Fluctuations & Shifts


Fluctuations & Shifts –waiting

Bus Stories …–access /transience… transportation

Roller rink —there is no place..no center.. .no  (watching the EMU students arrive and leave—the loss of the only place where the youth could envision ‘moving’)

Fluctuations & Shifts

Student voice –come here …

International Voices

Big Fire/Trapped

Tortoise and the Hare ?

Fluctuations & Shifts


Peter- Store Owner

Mayor –return…?

Boat Part III.


Need: Reverend interview and Peter interview transcribed.

NOTES: Need more non-realism/story based like the Tortoise & Hare piece

Commercials/PSA’s …?

SHOULD THERE BE A COMMENTARY/EDITORIAL COMMENTS Throughout – another convention….IDEAS?  What would make sense in this piece….in this community? A traffic cop?

SHOULD paper boat be in all scenes?


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Hi all

We had a very good showing for today’s first writing collective meeting: Kirk, Emily, Spencer, Michael, Joanna and Patrick. We met a little head way in that we began working to find connections /commonalities among the desired/suggested pieces  and scenes. We addressed issues in form and content including the inclusion of personal narrative performance and performing /narrating self pieces. 

We have a metaphor and it goes back to the geographical truth of Ypsilanti and the Huron River -which is if you put a paper boat in the river it will eventually makes its way to the Atlantic.  There is a way in and out of Ypsilanti. Ypsilanti reaches the world…and the world reaches in….

Given that –pieces which reflect…trapped/transience and migration seem to to work most -they also make up the bulk of the ideas. 

We are working to come up with an outline and structure —still..

NEED from you:

any memorable lines/phrases–something that stuck with you even from our first landscapes.   POST THOSE ASAP. 

MESSAGES: we choose to come here–is a very clear message. Please post what you believe to be the most important messages and/or questions we should address.

Questions for international voices will be posted on Friday.


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